Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fastsqautch Monthly Update

My adoring fanbase demands yet more updates, so here you go. (thanks, both of you, by the way)

Mike's average weekly time allocation in November:

60-70 hours work at Tacit Knowledge (finance and infrastructure stuff)
56 or so hours sleeping
20 or so hours eating taking care of self etc
4-10 or so hours riding my bicycle
2-5 or so hours on finance education and personal finance
2-4 or so hours watching movies
1-2 or so hours work for Merritt's estate
.5 or so hours work for Teresa's web design company

Reeks of glamour, dunnit? Yeah, I'm not sure what happened to the pie slices I imagined growing up that were supposed to be at least 5 hours of fighting fires and operating earth-moving machines, or the one labelled "spacewalks for zero-g science experimentation" etc.

Can't really complain though, there's also no "5 hours, cleaning prison lavatories" or anything.

I do feel as though I need to justify my complete failure to either post interesting material, appear on group rides, or cause any suffering on said group rides. So there you go.

I will say that I went for a fan-tas-tic ride just now though. Lacked motivation the whole day but with just enough time before sunset on the last gorgeous day of the last weekend before "they" warn wet winter storms will start rolling in, I pulled my head out and climbned around the East Bay hills. Glorious - not sure why I didn't get out sooner. Something they call motivation I suppose. I recognize that I've never been one to train for no reason, and that reason is usually a race. I'm going to have to commit to some races next year to get the motivation up, and get back on the road again.

I'm not going to take credit for this picture, but this is pretty much the treat for pedaling up the hill behind my house at sunset:

Who wouldn't want to do that more often?

Surely carving 5 hours out of that bloated pie slice at work wouldn't result in the ruin of the company? Nah...

Unless something more interesting happens I'm probably not going to post again before Turkey Day, so happy thanksgiving everyone, with a wish that you have things to be thankful for and realize it in time to enjoy it.