Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good to be back!

Even my wife is getting into the act and sending me funny pictures, so
I'll grace you with this fine product from these fine people:

As many of you know - I've been up in the far North Bay (Lakeport, to be
precise) doing what I can to help a family member that needs a hand. If
you didn't know, that's why I've been so MIA the last month or so.

Got back in town this week just in time for the port ride though, and
boy do I miss when it I'm not here. It's great to see everyone, even if
it's hard to talk while pushing so hard :-)

Missed a few though, where are the girls for instance? No Morgan, Karla
or Alice. Shouldn't Alice be getting close to healed now? I hope so. No
Justin either but Ryan was laying into people in his place. I'll give a
shout to Russ and Greg too - they're headed to SuperWeek next week and
it'd be cool to have some NorCal representin' up there.

Hopefully I'll be back to a semi-regular racing schedule in the near
future, but no guarantees.

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