Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Circus in SF

You remember those Family Circus maps? For some reason, I do - they always looked something like this, although this is a dystopic parody:

Anyway, sometimes I picture my bike rides in this format (though hopefully without psychotic children running around) and with the magic of the new google bike directions it is easy to plot rides similarly

Without further ado, here's the "long commute" version of my morning ride - stitching together most of the little routes I know in the city. Mostly doesn't suck, which is high praise for an urban ride:

The gist of it is:

- Civic Center BART
- Golden Gate Park Polo Fields to ride around in circles
- Lake Merced to throw a big loop in and break up the monotony
- St.Francis Wood/Foerster/Teresita/Twin Peaks to get my climb on
- Arguello/Presidio to stretch the ride out a bit more
- get thee to work...

Here's a link to the google maps version of the ride if you're interested in any of the parts of the loop

Also apparently people actually follow this blog (sweet! thanks), and I haven't posted a race report in a while. I've been racing though:

- Patterson Pass RR (8th in 35+123),
- Dunnigan Hills RR (10th in P12),
- Suisun Harbor Crits (weak in both 35+123 and P12),
- University RR (24th in P12 but got girled by Katherine Matthis - go Katherine...) and
- Vacaville Crit (18th in P12 but beat all the pros in the race, because...they probably weren't trying very hard on the last lap since a break was away)

So no more cat 1 points, but lots of post fodder, just no time to post yet. Sorry!

If you're voyueristic you can always see results on my USA Cycling results page, though they aren't 100% accurate (e.g. I finished University RR in 24th but they DNP'd me, the bastards!) and they don't contain the minute details of suffering and power meter data that I know you crave.

So I'll try to knock something together about those races, hopefully soon.


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