Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bay Area Summer = Suffer City

ah, bay area in the summer

it's cold

it's crazy windy (check out that windsock from the port ride last night!)

we were struggling to do 21mph as a pack into the headwind last night

without Joel and John out there attacking it never blew apart, but Nate English (soon-to-be-pro phenom) was trying his hardest.

Sean pulled him back, of course ;-)

inadvertently set Haydn up for the longest sprint of his POO career

Even had a MaryMaroon guest appearance. Good times


Unknown said... that's who that was. I was wondering who the Z Team rider was who kept hammering by me. I was doing my share of groveling in the gutter last night...until your nice leadout.


Sean said...

Nate....He got nothing on me :) Well, unless the road goes uphill. I didn't realize he was that skinny. You are right, we had it easy in the wind without Joel & John, but we made up for it everywhere else. Damn near hit 40 a few times heading toward the BART tracks. It's good to see more elite teams showing up for our ride. (Z-team & McGuire)

mary said...

hey speedy! the poo ride has fast become my other favorite thing to do on a tuesday night. i'm stoked to see the quality turn out.

and while i would normally never advocate unshaven cycling legs you are a better draft to me with the fur than without.