Sunday, October 26, 2008

where's mike?

started in san francisco

stopped in chisinau, moldova

played for a bit in istanbul, turkey

flew on to manhattan in new york

just about to head back to oakland

will continue to guadalajara on thursday


lots of work, some fun - good to see the world a bit

I miss my bikes though, hopefully I can make it to the POO on tuesday

cheers, all


Anonymous said...

You were a topic of conversation on this morning's team ride. We were afraid you had headed for some "secret training" somewhere. Looking forward to seeing you on the road soon.

Mike Hardy said...

Well, if being in airplanes counts as altitude training, I'm secret-training up a storm

I'm reasonably certain my fitness is crap though, excepting maybe some extra arm strength from wrestling bags around on 8 different plane flights in the last couple weeks

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the road again. I really miss the crew

Unknown said...

gonna wear the jolly green giant outfit tomorrow?

Mike Hardy said...

tempting, I might. is anyone else going to? has anyone mentioned anything?

Unknown said...

Not that I know of...