Wednesday, February 27, 2008


(I know, this picture is pretty pathetic)

So I ride the same route just about every morning. BART to Civic center, out to the panhandle and the Golden Gate Park polo grounds.

One of the roads I use to get there is a service road (it's the start of "Middle Road" I believe), and when I rolled by today it was as if there was a new Eucalyptus God, and he was angry

Apparently, all the storms tore up trees in the park, and I didn't know it but the service road I ride on is where the park service mulches everything.

I guess it's been long enough since the storm that the piles are fully active because they have clouds of steam on them.

The one pictured is 1 of maybe 3 or 4 massive heaps. 20 feet by 50 feet maybe. They all smell very eucalyptus-y which is pretty good actually.

Not sure about you but I like seeing how part of the park ecosystem works. So there's your Nature Moment of the day :-)

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