Thursday, February 14, 2008

Polo grounds not a secret...

Saw Roaring Mouse team guys and a couple Freewheel bike shop (edit: found out one guy's name is Josh) guys out this morning.

I was doing my first batch of intervals for the year (5x5' on, 2' off at just over threshold, and yes they hurt plenty, thanks...).

This guy was just plain ripping around on his TT bike though. Fun to watch.

It was so windy even aquatic park had whitecaps in it though. Nearly blew over headed to work :-)

Happy Valentine's day to all


Carol G said...

What's 5x5? (2 off I'm assuming is 2 minutes rest?)

Mike Hardy said...

My interval shorthand is a bit terse :-)

5x5', 2' off means "5 repetitions of 5 minutes on / 2 minutes off", then the intensity (105-110% of FTP or whatever)

They were baby intervals compared to the ones I should be doing later in the season (those usually are 5x5', 2' off at CP5 which is usually 150% of FTP or something close, and super painful

But hey, baby steps are still steps :-)

Happy Friday, Carol

Carol G said...

I'm all about baby steps. ;-)

Last night I did an interval workout with Beth & Morgan and found it more interesting to do on a bike than on a spinner. I'm going to work on my off-the-saddle sprints and hope to become kick-ass it. We shall see. =)

Happy Friday to you too, Mike.