Monday, February 25, 2008

new phone, new pics

Piecing everything back together after getting hit by the truck.

Rode to work again Friday with a new phone and snapped the SF skyline sunset shot on the way home. Cliche but still irressistible.

The other one is morning on alcatraz and angel island. Pretty stuff. My bruises only have a couple more days to go before they're healed I think, and I got a new rack and put it on my race bike with the fenders. So I'm pretty sure I have one of the most expensive rain/commuter bikes around. Beats driving to work though and my real commuter bike should be fixed next week I think.

Still traveling and doing other stuff besides racing on the weekend. Lakeport this weekend and two weekends from now. Unsure about next weekend.

Other than that, it's interval time now and I find that after all the illness and travel this winter I'm stomping out around 255W at threshold instead of 270 or higher. Not to mention the 4 extra kilos I'm carrying (but it was winter...and vacation... ;-) )

Should make for plenty of work the next month as I claw my way back into fighting shape. I'll be back though, look out :-)

Oh, and happy birthday to Jay, Merritt, Kelly and Colby (belated) (wow, lots of Feb kids...)



Mike Hardy said...

hey, the new phone has a 1.3MP camera instead of .3MP, and it it's quite a bit better. Sweet!

Be aware I'll snap more pics of people now that my camera phone won't turn everyone's mug into a bunch of blobby pixels

teresa said...

After you left this morning I looked out at the sky and, it was so pretty, I wondered if you'd blog on it. And you did. Should we get married?