Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Podium shot from Ronde Lowlands (thanks Toby!)

Toby just hooked me up with the podium shot from the Ronde (thank you Toby)

The last podium shot I had (Menlo Park GP, 2007) my Mom wrote in that I
looked like a dork wearing my jeans, so I went with the sexy pants this
time, and you guys get the full hairy-legged glory.

Behold the power of the shag!

Incidentally, I just learned that one of the best category 2 racers in
the area (a cat 1 now, actually), Paul Mach, also does not shave his
legs. http://www.paulmach.com/index.php?entry=entry080329-222519 - nice
to have fast company

I'll do what I can to honorably hold down the hairy-legged spot he's
vacating in the 2s


teresa said...

When your own MOTHER calls you a dork... well...

There are only two cookies left. Must... not... eat... Michael's... Girl Scout cookies....

I think your legs are HOTT!

teresa said...

Please never wear red cycling shorts. Promise me.

Mike Hardy said...

Yeah, that poor guy didn't get the memo about headwear either - no one wants to see helmet hair, man. Podiums apparently take training too, I mean, I didn't do so hot on my first one either

At least it wasn't this bad

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