Monday, April 21, 2008

So disappointing!

Paul Mach, the fastest guy I know (knew) who also refused the whole
baseless shaving thing gave in to peer pressure after moving up to the
cat 1 ranks.

He shaved his legs:



karla said...

pressure is ON! Just shave. It's not that hard, really. I mean, cmon, it's like 3 minutes in the shower. Kind of relaxing too, once you get the rhythm down.

Oh, and, congrats on the upgrade :)

teresa said...

Doesn't it satisfy one of the goals from your last post about being the hairiest guy in the race? It's the most passive goal setting and reaching you can get.

Oh, and I promise not to get drunk and let you shave them.

And Karla - zip it! You don't have to sleep next to him!!!! Two words: "man stubble."

Unknown said...

you could always wax...

Mike Hardy said...

now that I think about it, epilady could get my pain tolerance up for the P1/2 races...

Nah. I'm staying hairy.