Wednesday, April 30, 2008

recovery day art

Endurance day today, no interesting cycling news except that yesterday was the most train-ridden annoying POO ever but tacos were great per usual. And I did win one of the "sprints" so I should get a world champion jersey or something.

I started at a new client today (Sephora, oo la la) and they've got problems I can fix so that's good

more interestingly for me though is that in their lobby they have these polished metallic warped takes on landmark SF buildings. I saw these first when I went to the open studios of (a good friend whose website Teresa built and I host) and was drawn to them.

Teresa doesn't like them but I do, and I haven't seen them since...until now. Small world :-)

hope you had a nice coincidence today

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teresa said...

Wow, I remember those. :-)