Thursday, May 1, 2008

long morning rides / old house

Been "experimenting" with longer rides in the morning. In quotes because I know hat the result will be - going from 15 hours week to 20 will make me a stronger rider, but the question is whether I can actually get up at 5 every day.

No way I could do it if Teresa wasn't also on this crazy dawn patrol with me (she's doing boot camp @ the Oakland Y)

It does pose a challenge though. Where do you go in San Francisco when you have 2 hours to kill? The polo fields are just too monotonous for that duration. Today I went out to the zoo then by our old house in SF (pictured). They still have the Dr.Suess trees looking good but I forgot how steep those Miraloma Park roads were. No wonder I hated riding when I lived there.

Headed up twin peaks for the view, then hooked up the polo fields for the usual route.

I'm definitely going to have to bust the maps out and get some loops going though or I'm going to go nuts with boredom...


beth bikes! said...

yo- were you riding up monteray on wednesday evening? i was taking my rest between hill sprint up leimert.

and lots of people like the lake merced loop. i have never done it, but i hear it is a nice city loop.

Mike Hardy said...

Why yes, yes I was :-). Took Wildwood up to Wood (great way to get across the upper Park gulch to Montclair, besides Leimert), then headed back down Monterey to home.

Thought I recognized you :-)

I'll check out the Lake Merced Loop - thanks for the pointer