Thursday, May 29, 2008

OMG ponies

could also be titled "why I didn't race last weekend" since my friend Stu, who got me in to this silly sport in 1997 was in town and I hung out with him, his wife, his new daughter Claire (starring in the pictures) and others all weekend instead of hitting the start line.

I'm in the strange position of being a little overtrained and tired while also jonesing for a race

so this week I've been resting, taking care of business, and looking forward to the ICCCCCC dash for cash on saturday

hope to see a big crew out there for that one now that the TO 3s team is so deep. Seriously - Mike Fee, Brian, Kieran, Toby, Stephen, Maury, Sean. That's crazy! if we got Ian, Scott and Chris Kovash out there we'd have 11. Why not :-)?

See everyone Saturday


teresa said...

I love the "child's eye view" pic with all the swirly lights. Who knew a cell phone could be so artistic?

I look forward to spending all the cash you bring home Saturday. ;-)

teresa said...

Claire, with an "r".

Mike Hardy said...

Yeah - that was a magic cell phone moment. Got lucky there. Fixed the spelling - damned cell phone keyboards, and I was trying to post it before the BART train dove in a tunnel :-)

Anonymous said...

1997 my butt. You ain't that young. It was 1994.

Mike Hardy said...

Oh shit - you're right, I mentally confused high school graduation with college graduation years.

Now I feel old :-)

Guess that's why I have a 5-digit USA Cycling license number ;-)

Glad you made it up to NorCal though Stu - and we'll get McEwen next time, or (if you're up for it) Morgan Territory - there's some epic rides still to do weather-permitting