Friday, May 16, 2008

The verdict is in

case closed

today was definitely the most beautiful commute ever

70 degrees, light breeze, early sun-up, and a recovery day so the pedaling was easy.

Even having the polo fields locked down and blocked off for the ING bay to ING breakers brought to you by ING didn't bug me since I didn't need to ride much.

Should be the perfect calm before the storm of my first P12 race

happy Friday all


runjoelrun said...

So you're in for tomorrow and/or Sunday? Which are you doing?

What's the carpool situation do you know? Was hoping to get ride with Sean tomorrow.

Mike Hardy said...

Just messaged Sean - he's got room so I think I'm in the truck before you.

"shotgun" ;-)

Not sure about the RR on Sunday but I'm actually more interested in that than the crit, so maybe I can convince everyone it's a good idea and we can hit it up together. We'll chat about it tomorrow I'm sure

First P/1/2 race! woohoo! eek

runjoelrun said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy the race! Me on the other hand: it will be 90 degrees out and will 5 minute 'break' after the master's race...

teresa said...

Good luck tomorrow baby! I know you'll do great (and even if you don't, you'll have good stories to tell.)

Unknown said...

have for those of us who can only dream about racing in a p/1/2 race.:)

Mike Hardy said...

I'll try my best Anthony, and I'll put the power file up afterwards (maybe along with a graph of the POO ride for comparison). Hopefully it's not so fast I can't try something at the end :-)

runjoelrun said...

Ah! Now that I'll be interested in: a power comparison between Port and P1/2. I have my Garmin working so I'll have an average pace but that's not enough info cause course/wind all confounding factors.

I'm looking forward to it Mike. Follow me (if I still have energy from first race and heat).

Mike Hardy said...

Joel - Hell yeah! I'm there as long as possible if you're off the front all day

If it means the last couple laps, I'm totally on it and if I win anything of your wheel you can keep the whole damn thing and I'll buy you beer on top :-)