Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter?

After an evening where we essentially teetotaled it despite spending a
wonderful evening in San Francisco at Brent and Larry's with the Franks,
Teresa and I felt good enough to drive out to Walnut Creek and do
something Teresa has never done before: conquer Diablo.

Couldn't have picked a more perfect day either, look at the greenery and
the clear skies. Perfect temps too (although you can't see that in a

All in all, a very happy day

Unless you're a peep



Carol G said...

Ahhh, Mt. Diablo, one of my all time favorite rides. Although, now that I did part of Mt. Tam for the first time ever, I may have to share my love b/w these two mountains. (Btw, I would have gone to the top had I not already ridden 60+ miles before arriving at Mt. Tam. What can I say, I'm slowly building up my endurance base. Climbing, gotta love it huh?)

Looks like you guys had an awesome ride. How did Teresa enjoy the last 200 meters to the summit?

karla said...

yo, I did Diablo yesterday too! Although I imagine you guys were up the mountain before I even wake up, with your wicked AM start times. We left Oakland around 1:00pm and finally made it up sometime around 4:30. It was a beautiful day for it!

Mike Hardy said...

Carol, I'll admit that Diablo has turned me around a couple times before the top for various reasons as I was getting back in shape over the last few years. Teresa had enough warnings about the last 200 meters (funny, you mention Diablo and all they want to talk about is the last 200 meters!) so she had plenty in the tank when she got there and finished it smiling

Karla - we drove out there at a reasonable time (it was supposed to be a recovery day after all...) so we started at maybe 10am from the base of North Gate. Home by 3, and all at recovery pace - who woulda thunk Diablo is a good recovery ride? It's on my list now though for sure

I think Tam's next for Teresa - she's got to bag the rest of the Bay Area monuments now :)

teresa said...

Carol - I had a great time climbing Diablo. The trick is proper preparation and Michael gave me plenty of that.

Hope to see you at the Ronde next weekend. I'll be marshalling on Sunday (basically, I get to wear a vest and yell at people - count me in!)

Carol G said...

That's awesome, Teresa! You couldn't ask for a better riding partner. =)

Yes, I'll be marshalling at the Ronde on Sunday and will try to hitch a ride as a spectator for Saturday. After all, there are plenty of pictures to be taken. =) I'm looking forward to seeing you!