Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pain on tap for Saturday

Here's the elevation profile of the time-trial course I'm racing on
Saturday. I'm doing it as a tune-up for Madera since it's been so long
since I've done a race against the clock, and the only way I know of to
really prepare is a full-dress rehearsal.

Here's a time trial pop-quiz though:

Q: Which part of this course will not hurt?

a) The false flat uphill part
b) The hills in the middle
c) The hill after the false flat downhill
d) The flat finishing segment
e) None of the above


No, I don't know why I do it either. Hopefully Exeter's pretty at least?


Unknown said...

Where in the world is this place?

You should have raced against the clock on sunday at the Berkeley TTT. Levi came out and stomped on everyone by himself! check out the results.

Carol G said...

Just think of John Mellencamp's song, "Hurts So Good" when you're time trialing on Saturday. I'm sure it'll make the time and you go faster. HaHa! :P

runjoelrun said...

Hey, I'll be out at Exeter as well Mike! See you there.

teresa said...

Thank you, Carol. That song is now stuck in my head.

Mike Hardy said...

Anthony - Exeter is in BFE. Saw that about Levi, solo time trial took 3 minutes out of the field when everyone else was able to work in pairs or four-person teams. Sick

You going to have the space helmet Joel? I will - should make for good pictures. Weeee dorks

Carol - I was always partial to "Stranglehold" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stranglehold_%28song%29) by Nugent or Kashmir by Led Zeppelin for time trials. Mostly because they're endless and you don't need the lyrics in your head, which you can't remember anyway while your brain's dribbling out on the stem after the first 10 minutes ;-). You ought to try them - they might work for you

Carol G said...

Teresa: I apologize for putting that annoying song in your head.;-)

Mike: I like Kashmir for climbing. Some of my favorite TT songs are: Where the Streets Have No Name & Two Hearts Beat As One (U2); More Human Than Human, Dragula, & Two Lane Blacktop (White Zombie) and She Bangs (William Hung). ~ HAHA JK on the William Hung song :P

teresa said...

I tried using this tool to get it out of there... http://prettypictures.com/cgi-bin/maim/maim.pl

It sort of works on the order of poking yourself in the eye to make you forget about the bowling ball you just dropped on your toe. Highly effective...

Now I'm singing, "My Sharona."

Mike Hardy said...

That website's evil. Now I'm humming "Our House". If that song pops up anywhere in the time trial, I'm officially registering a complaint.

Carol G said...

Ha! That's a great site Teresa. I'm grooving to LowRider right now. :P