Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ronde van Brisbeen on tap

Starting to think about the races this weekend - it's Ronde time!

This race is always interesting because every USA Cycling club is required to work one race a year, and the Ronde is the race my club puts on. That means that instead of just showing up and racing you usually have to show up super-early and either help set up the course or do marshaling duty, *then* get ready to race and try to get some results.

In previous years I've been okay the first day but not so good the second day after being on my feet so much marshaling. But there wouldn't be races if people didn't work them, so it's got to be done.

The only things that make me nervous is that these races typically come down to a sprint, and if it rains the courses could be a little hairy since they're both technical.

With regard to sprints, I haven't worked on the sprinting much this year (though I did last night at the POO ride and managed a few 1100W 10s efforts after 3 hours of riding, woohoo)

With regard to rainy courses...not much you can do there except stay near the front...

Bonus for me though, Teresa's working the start/finish line on the second day to fulfill her spousal obligation of going to one of my races a year ;-). That should be motivating and it isn't supposed to rain there so hopefully she won't worry too much as we whiz by

Not much else going on this week except hard training for the Madera TT but hopefully not so hard I suck this weekend.

We'll see...


runjoelrun said...

See you there Mike. Hopefully after this weekend we'll be doing the same races!

teresa said...

I'm not volunteering my marshaling services out of spousal obligation but rather out of my utter, and unwavering, love of yelling at people.

Good luck everyone and let's hope for NO RAIN. (No one get a car wash this week, ok?)