Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yokohl Ranch / Exeter TT - worst. TT. ever.

There's your intrepid narrator, his chosen torture device, and a fellow
crazy person (Joel Robertson) antsy to get this time trial action started.

I haven't done a time trial in...forever. OK, I did the Treasure Island
Triathlon once by myself, and once as part of a relay where I just did
the bike leg. But since then I've been riding a lot more, and I've set
my bike up with a radically different position. So it doesn't count.
That makes it somewhere around 1995 when I last did a time trial. No

And boy did it show. All I can say is that I'm pretty good for 1 minute,
I'm really good for 4 minutes, but over 60 minutes? I suck. I mean, it
was pretty sad. But the scenery was good, and what the hell. I went out
and did it.

I wouldn't even care except I miss doing stage races, and if you want to
be good at stage races you need to take your existing skills at
criteriums and road races (which I have) and also do time trials. So
here I am with the dork-pod helmet, giving it what I've got.

Hopefully by the time I get to Madera, that's a lot more than I had today.


runjoelrun said...

Loved the TT, mostly the scenery. Amazing. I even took Terri back there yesterday after the crit to take another look.

My god, that's a goofy grin I've got on my face.

Mike Hardy said...

I think I was making you camera-shy at that point (and come on, I mean, have seen the helmet you're wearing? Can't blame you)

But mainly I checked it out and things in motion get warped by my treo-camera. It must take the photo in a scan-type-mode or something because it's the whole picture that's stretched a bit

That would be a nice place for a picnic though, true. The East side of the Central Valley is beautiful where ever I've seen it now that I think about it (Copperopolis, Exeter...) and so's the other side of the range (Everest Challenge). That's half the reason to go to those races despite the crap drive involved.

teresa said...

You both look like total dorks. But we still love you.