Friday, March 21, 2008

Pedal Power!

My Mom just sent these to me in one of her many rounds of purging (everyone in my family *loves* to get rid of stuff or send it to someone we think will like it more. I just got some flambe dishes out of that too, look out)

These pictures are great though - huh?

The first one has my big sis in it too, whom I should mention is pretty quick in a crit! We're both in Wichita, Kansas I think - probably for both shots. Sometime in the very early 80's.

And apparently I have always had a slightly...uh...crazy love for pedaling around. I'm sure you're all shocked.

Maybe if we're all lucky I'll dig up some of the late 80s pictures of me in parachute pants, a Michael Jackson Thriller-type jacket, and my sister's borrowed banana-seat bike. I could ride a wheelie a mile on that thing ;-)

Happy Friday everyone


Unknown said...


I think I've organized enough of 4's to have a decent team for Wente!

Mike Hardy said...

My alert mother sends this in:

That was great. The first picture was in Chattanooga, though. You can tell, because Wichita, KS only has a slope on freeway overpasses :). I thought the one of you in Chattanooga was completely cute because of your little Chesterfield coat and hat. I was a huge sucker for the traditional stuff :).
Thanks for sending me the post.