Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lakeport is beautiful

I think Lakeport, and Clear Lake in general get a bad rap.

I'm up here this weekend hanging out with my father-in-law, and I went
for an early ride this morning around the lake.

Check out the sunrise over Mt.Konocti, and the vineyards sloping down
towards the lake. Gorgeous!

64 miles around the lake, and I'd say about 50 of them are postcard
pretty. That's a tough ratio to beat - think about your favorite rides,
and there's always something not to like, and it's usually half the
ride. So I do really love coming up here and pedaling around here.

If you ever have an itch to check Clear Lake out, there's lots of houses
you can rent all over, though we've become partial to the Mallard House
hotel in Lakeport since it's got wi-fi and little kitchenettes for a
reasonable rate. The Konocti Challenge is a yearly century (or metric
century if you want a shorter route) and ends with some of the best BBQ
brisket I've ever had. Teresa did it last year and I can definitely
recommend it.


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