Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bad Luck (Albany Crit) (20070722)

Two races in a row now (I got a flat tire early in the race at Coyote
Creek - my last race)

This time I was in a doomed break, but that was okay, at least I saw
what it felt like

Then I was 5th wheel with 3 corners and around 600m to go, and wheels 3
and 4 decide they both want wheel 2 really bad. So bad, they lock
handlebars and go all scrapy slidey on the road right in front of me

So I'm doing my best to get maximum braking while keeping it together,
basically waiting to see where a clear lane is going to be and they
finally start sliding generally left.

I dive right and one of them flails an arm out along the ground. I
bunny-hop his arm, but by this time about 10 people have already gone
past me and the pack is absolutely flying, as you would expect. I'm
about 15mph down and just shut the engines off and coasted in for a
back-of-the-pack finish.

An inauspicious outing, but hey, the rubber side stayed down, I dig
that...I've got a friend that wasn't so lucky three times in a row, on
the same hip.

Next up is a road race and a criterium in Lake Tahoe. It's the Master
Championships, and it's an "open" race which means uncategorized, which
means the category 1 and category 2 races can whup on little ol'
category 3 me. We'll see how it goes

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