Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mmmm...cooked legs, extra salty (Masters Championships RR and Crit) (20070805)

This report is a bit delayed because the race happened the weekend
before last, but there were some important lessons learned. What were they?

* altitude is very painful if you're not used to it. Jim Rusk and
I, power nerds both, were about 15% off on our normal watts vs bpm. You
know what that means? Suckage.

* if you do a lot of work at the front, you probably won't have any
snap in your legs when you need it

Those are the lessons - the nutshell race report is that it was an open
race (all categories together - anyone 30 or over could race in my
category), it was near Tahoe at 5500 feet, it was hot and most of the
guys in the race were 1s, 2s or solid 3s. Mostly 1s and 2s I think.

We had Haydn as our designated strong man, Maury Long, me, Jesse Freese,
and Jim Rusk as the Kaiser team.

We got our asses handed to us

But we went down swinging at least. 23 started. 4 Spine?

Spine attacked. We lost Jesse the first time up. Spine bridged. We were
chasing for Haydn. We lost Jim the second time up. I was cooked by the
third time up. Maury flatted out. Haydn felt ill. 13 finished. I got 13th.

Jim actually skipped a lap, but did a last one with me for the workout
(I was already off the back just finishing to get a good workout in) and
they clocked him as 14th I think.

Reports are that the last anyone saw of Haydn was him shouting that he
was getting back down to sea level, slamming the door and peeling out.

Next year, maybe. After I get an altitude tent.

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