Saturday, January 5, 2008

Teamwork, and a "win" (20070408)

Not a long report (I may write more later), but what did we not do at
this race?

There were actually two races for us Elite Category 4 men. A race where
we were separate (all E4), and a combined race where E3 (a higher
category) and E4 raced together, but were "picked" separately - meaning
they would take the final results and separate them between guys that
were E3s, and guys that were E4s, resulting in two finishing standings.

We had total team domination in the Men's E4 race - we had a plan,
adjusted it a little during the race and just nailed it. Mark Robertson
and Jim Rusk seared themselves to a slightly blackened well-done while
keeping the pace high closing in on the last lap, I took the last
kilometer at full power and then some with Jason James drafting closely
on my wheel and then blasting around me in the finish straight for 2nd
place, while I hung on for 13th.

In the Men's E3/E4 combo race - teammate Justin Fraga was off the front
of the pack, up the road flying the team colors, holding off the pack
and taking the overall and E3 win, the team was really working well to
help out, and in the chaotic pack sprint I came in for a "win" by
technical knockout as the top E4 in the race at 14th. So I got my win, yay!

You can even see it online here - the race was "The Colavita NorCal Crit"

I also discovered that (as of this writing anyway) I am the #1 Men's E4
rider in the "Best All-Around Rider" standings for all races in Northern
California and Nevada. Woohoo! You can see that here just to prove it
(though I may have sadly dropped since then, you never know...)

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