Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rain rain rain, and no results (20060406)

Well, there's not much cycling going on when it's raining.

Just a whole lot of watching some professional European races that I
downloaded while I spin away on the trainer. The races are nice, but
this isn't why I like cycling .

Hopefully things will get better soon.

I did a race last weekend where I got roundly spanked as well. Blew up
on the last climb in the race on Saturday, and ignominiously flatted out
of the Sunday race after about 5 minutes of a 50 minute race. Major suckage.

My IT band is fritzing out on my left leg, and my legs aren't recovering
well in general so I think I might have trained too hard after the
Monterey Circuit Race and gotten myself overtrained a bit in my enthusiasm.

Sea Otter is Friday and Saturday, and the last week or two don't bode
well, so I'm just hoping to survive while it rains on me.

I am happy to be finally handing the APL torch off to someone while I
get going on though. Working on something different full-time
will be a nice change of pace after two and a half years.

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